It’s been a while since I’ve updated my Etihad Cadet application process, but after the tests in London I was unsuccessful. There are rumours going around that only 9 people out of 600 picked for the tests got a “maybe”, that just shows you how hard the selection is, and quite right, so it should be!

Due to the economic turmoil at the moment Etihad Airways announced that they will be unable to conduct further cadet pilot assessments this year. They are therefore postponing the planned selections in New York, Toronto and Singapore until further notice.

I was impressed on test day at a very nice hotel in Windsor. The assesors, who are pilots themselves, gave a presentation at first, which just fuelled people’s appetitie for what was on offer! Was a perfect way to start the day and get the nerves settled and then fired up for the tests. The tests will remain a secret thats for sure, so don’t come asking!

I wish everyone applying for this the best of luck, and remember if you don’t get it, what ever you do, don’t give up!

Originally posted 2009-04-21 10:14:06.