Well I’m still on my quest to capture the best Aurora photo ever! In my opinion any way, there have been a few tantalising glimpses, but far too much cloud for my liking. on the 19/20th of september there was a lot of geomagnetic activity high up in the atmosphere, so much so that the Aurora was visible further south than usual, it was even spotted further south than the scottish borders. My view point has the advantage of no obstacles, and most of the mainlands light pollution is to the right/behind me, unless theres lots of low cloud…This photo just shows you the power of an aurora, despite the low cloud reflection the light pollution downwards, I could still see the Aurora peeking through the hole in the cloud, and it was quite intense!

To conteract the use of high ISO, which leads to high noise and fuzzy images, I’m going to invest in a lens with a wider aperture, and also a wider angle to capture the full effect of the night sky at its best. The lens I have my eye on is the Walimex Pro 8mm f/2.8 Fisheye Lens for Sony E-Mount – Black. Basically the Walimex lens is a rebranded Samyang 8mm f/2.8 fisheye which seems to be harder to find!

Aurora peeking throguh a hole in the Cloud

Aurora peeking through a hole in the Cloud

Mull Magnemometor

As you can see the geomagnetic activity kinda went a bit crazy! The crazier the lines go, the better the Aurora. Ovation also showed a nice bit juicy Aurora

Ovation Europe - Aurora Ring

Ovation Europe – Aurora Ring

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