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Dabbling in Crypto Currency

A few years ago, when the difficulty was low, I used my laptop GPU to mine bitcoins. Through one thing and another, then my laptop being destroyed in a flood, I have been unable to recover my old bitcoin wallet, which has some, but not much bit coin.

However at today’s prices it would be worth a few hundred dollars at least! Pretty annoying & lesson learnt.

Now that I’m more focused on my investments I have began to get back into cryptocurrencies. There are hundreds to choose from. I’m starting off which those which Exodus Wallet and Genesis Mining works with. Once I have some in my wallet I will start exchanging and hopefully increasing the value of my holding.

A lot of it is down to the market value of the coins in question. At the end of june 2017, cryptocurrencies and the technology sector seemed to take quite a hit with many currencys dropping big percentages.

On eToro, a social trading platform, I didtched 1 of my copy traders and opted for one with a more diverse portfolio to reduce the dependancy on the currencies. This helped mitigate losses and I’ll hang on in there and hopefully in the coming weeks we can get back to black ( or the rather lovelly shade of green on eToro which means you’re in profit)

If you sign up to eToro or Genesis Mining, then I get a wee bonus 😉 Thanks in advance!