Just spent a few minutes this morning updating WordPress to the latest 3.5.1 version, no hiccups! The Auto update feature is nice and handy, especially when it works like a charm updating 23 plugins automatically at the same time 🙂

Today I am thinking that I will change the theme of the site, still not 100% happy with the current one, and don’t feel its very easy to navigate. That’s something that I will work on. I also need to monetise the front page, I’ve done an experiment for a few months where I don’t show adverts on the front page, whether its Adsense, Amazon, or Ebay PartnerNetwork (EPN). To see if the user becomes more “engaged” which would lead to a lower bounce rate. It didn’t, and o course, it didn’t make any money!

So coming up this afternoon:

  • New WordPress Theme, Free of course!
  • Add in my “Fajja’s Ram head logo”
  • Organise front page menu links to something more logical!
  • Add in Google Adsense and an Ebay Banner (never tried a plain ebay banner before)
  • ensure Google Analytics is set up
  • All posts will now follow john chow’s 3 lines to a paragraph rule!
  • Make use of wordpress’s new media manager, since its not always been the easiest thing to handle images in posts

But first, I must go a swim! Then once this is all set up, I’ll add some posts about my Jeep Grand Cherokee, and then its time to make some money!!! 🙂

Originally posted 2013-02-05 11:52:49.