Since a few updates ago wordpress have included a nifty autoupdate feature to upgrade the core files of wordpress without manually  uploading all the files via FTP. This saves a great deal of time as you can imagine. But what happens when the wordpress autoupdate doesnt work?

First and easiest thing to try is to delete the “upgrade” folder under wp-content. Then try again.

If the autoupgrade stops again, then another simple solution is to temporarily disable some plugins. I was experiencing the wordpress update failure for ages, but tongiht I simply tried stopping the SEO plugin, then the upgrade for WP Core files worked flawlessly.

If only I had found this earlier…. Instead of deleting the Upgrade folder I started to delete the Upload folder!! The panic on my face when I realised I deleted the wrong folder, luckily I managed to cancel the deletion process in time, so I think only lost uploads from 2006-2007, which I should have in a back up somewhere so can re-upload so that my older posts aren’t missing anything should anyone happen to come across them.

Disaster Averted and Probelm Solved!

ps. I can’t be held responsible for any losses or damages as result of trying anything that I did. One key thing I have learned is to make a regular and current backup of mysql and files for all your sites, then if anything goes wrong, you can always revert back and find another way to solve the problem.

Originally posted 2011-06-04 21:01:37.