Well, the other morning I woke and it was -1°C! Winter is well and truely on its way, so I thought it was time to share my predictions for the coming winter.

This summer, in the west coast of Scotland was nothing special, there were no long heatwaves to speak of, just the odd day here and there where the thermometer rose over 20°C or thereabouts. Most of it was grey and damp. This got me thinking, while i was swimming in the sea, there hasn’t been much solar heating of the shallower waters around this part of the world. Same goes for the ground. I’m no expert in this field of science, but I know the sea acts as a big storage heater, and this summer it didnt really get much heating! This storage heater effect is why coastal areas rarely get massive amounts of snow fall, and if they do it doesnt last as long as it would further inland.

Another heat source which keeps the western partss of scotland warm is the Gulf Stream, a warm flow of water coming all the way across the Atlantic from the gulf of mexico (correct me if I’m wrong here).

The past year has seen some pretty extreme weather in the UK. Why is this? A lot of people will put this down to manmade global warming, which I don’t believe in . The fact is the climate is always changing, and it will continue its cycles until the earth ceases to exist. Recently the Jet Stream, which drives so much of the UK’s weather system is a lot further south than usual, thus bringing in cooler air from further north. So i’m thinking this winter will be the coldest theres been for about 10-12 years, or whenever it was that there was that really cold winter when I was at school!

Here’s my predictions:

The cooler weather will kick in in November and continue onwards to about march. There will obviously be some warm days in between. Christmas week will be clear and frosty with snow further north in scotland. During January there will be a couple of snowy spells each lasting 2 or 3 days, the main snow and really cold snap will be in February probably around the time the schools have thier half term break. March will have 1 heavy snow fall but it wont last long because spring will just around the corner 🙂

Summary: Colder and snowier than previous years.

So there you have it, my winter weather predictions for the mainly the west coast of scotland. They may come true, they may not, who knows! So let’s just wait and see 🙂

Maybe it will be something like this!

Originally posted 2007-10-20 18:18:41.