So far this winter, we have already had a substantial amount of snow in some areas during October. After the past few warm days, the BBC’s Countryfile forecast (starts at 47mins via the Iplayer) are predicting drastic changes to the weather starting on Friday.

The Iso-bars swing round to the north and basically make a perfectly straight line straight down from the arctic circle drawing in bitterly cold air from the north, and because the iso bars are so straight and close together, the winds will be strong. Its at this point the weatherman mentioned blizzards driven by “viking winds” covering most parts of Scotland andrightdown the East cost of England with temperatures predicted to be around +2C, which I’m sure you will agree is rather cold! Taking into account the windchill factor then its definetly a day to be putting on the long johns and thermal underwear!

Although the snow is forecast to fall in lower lying places too, it will probably  be very heavy over the hills, and it might snow down to sea level, but I doubt it will accumulate to much. Personally I hope it does snow, one of my favourite hobbies is photographing snow, so be sure to check back later on to see the snow, if any fell of course.

Originally posted 2008-11-17 14:38:32.