Been a while since I’ve attempted photographing the birds that visit our bird feeders here at the farm so thought I’d give it a shotwhile its dry. Also this time I tried some different settings on the camera to see whether they helped or not. This time round the ISO was perhaps a bit high, leading to some noise in the pictures and I also tried manual focus, which is great when the feeder is still, but of course as soon as a bird lands on it it moves, slightly in and out of focus! I managed to get a pretty decent “take off” shot of a Blue Tit, probably the most common bird to visit our feeders, especially at this time of year. Heres a couple of bigger pics, i’ll need to add a light box to the site!

Great Tit taking off from bird feeder

Blue Tit taking off from bird feeder


coal tit at my bird nuts

Originally posted 2012-02-19 12:12:33.