Duringthe last couple of weeks the number of visitors to this site has dropped by about 80% 🙁 Something must be wrong somewhere! Looking at everything, theres nothing obvious that jumps out. Percentage wise, my traffic sources and keywords look just the same as when I was getting lots of hits, but theres just not the same volume. The only thing I can think of is lack of new posts which has decreased my ranking in Google SERPs. Bummer eh?!

This graphic is from Google Analytics dashboard and shows the percentage of how visitors end up on my site. As you can see the vast majority of my readers find my sites through Search Engine Results, So If I slip to page 2 for some of my keywords, I lose out on tens of thousands of visitors! That just wont do 🙁

Regular updates, whith nice healthy genuine unique content should help bring my site back to life in Google’s eyes so hopefully should see a reversal of this downward trend…

Originally posted 2011-02-19 14:44:44.