Recent natural disasters in the world have been pretty frequent lately. Earthquakes in numerous places across the globe, floods in south america, land slides in europe, and now multiple volcanic eruptions in iceland, which are causing all sorts of mayhem in the northern half of europe. With flights grounded for over 4days now people are stranded, no way to get home, hotels fulls, and people are simply running out of money havin to survive away from home.
The economic repercussions will be huge aswell, might this push some economies back into a recessision? Some factories rely of air freight imports at specific times in the production line, without these production has to stop.
Fresh fruit and veg from abroad which is usually flown in is piling up at the origin airports, some of these farmers produce food solely for the european market so without flights to europe they can’t make any money and the food might go to waste.
Then you have people who are stuck abroad who should be starting work after the easter break, kids who should be at school its all one huge mess and it won’t be sorted in just a couple of days once the flights resume. Some aircraft and aircrews are now grounded at airports they wouldn’t usually go to so there will have to be some shuffling around before the backlog can be cleared efficiently.
All that needs to happen is the prevailing south westerly wind in the uk to return to blow the ash northwards and away from europe, or the volcano to stop erupting, which no one knows how long it will erupt for!
Perhaps this is mother nature just reminding us all who really is in charge here! And the funny thing is, if the eruptions continue to spew dust and ash high in the atmosphere it will have a cooling effect on the earth, despite the noxious mixture of gas that the volcanoe is expressing!

Originally posted 2010-04-18 09:25:19.