Last night it snowed, then it rained…and due to the fact the air and the ground was so cold, the rain froze on everything it hit. cars, lamposts, grass, steps, pavements and roads. the roads are OK because they have been treated with grit by the council. As soon as I stepped outside this morning I had to take care not to slip down the steps, the kind of ice that had formed was solid and doesnt crack when you walk on it making it impossible to walk safely anywhere, the pavements were like this too, just see the photo, how are you supposed to walk on that without crampons!?


The only way I could get about safely was to walk on the main road with the cars, not recommended but just take extreme caution when if you decide to do this (don’t do it if its busy) and stop when a car comes near so that you won’t slip unexpectedly.

The gentleman in the photo has had to do the same as me and walk on the road to where he is going. Its hard to get a good photo of the ice since its basically clear and solid I suppose it could be referred to as “black ice”. So take care outside today whether it be driving, cycling or just walking.

Originally posted 2008-12-02 12:00:58.