Some people have been asking me what kind of summer its going to be like in 2009. To be honest at the moment I haven’t a clue! Being in the city in the winter and pring means that I miss some of the tell tale signs that nature gives as to what kind of weather is on its way. There hasn’t really been a properly hot summer since 2003? So I reckon its about time we’re due a really hot summer where the temperatures in Scotland get above that 30C mark.

I’ll do some research and ask my Dad what he thinks, being a shepherd means he notices nature in more detail than a lot of people so perhaps he could shed some light on nature’s clues and help me to give my summer weather predictions 2009.

Update 30th April: The Met Office have released their long range weather forecast for UK Summer 2009, and it matches my guess! Hotter, and drier than previous years with temperatures to top 30C from time to time.

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Originally posted 2009-04-28 17:42:56.