It has come to my attention over the past two days that there are hundreds of people unknowingly spreading viruses through the social networking site “bebo” .

The mails are sent from a trojan(i think) using the on-site mail service.

If you should recieve one of these mails, DO NOT CLICK THE LINK in the message. If you have, you must run an anti virus checker, then change your bebo password as soon as possible to avoid spreading the virus further.

The messages I’m talking about look like:


Although you may get them with different wording and different links, but they are all in the same format, just delete the message!

  1. Run an anti-virus, if you dont have one try AVG;
  2. Change your bebo password once the viruses are gone;
  3. Install a firewall to avoid future attacks.

Originally posted 2008-10-31 18:13:33.