The Uk Met office has issued a number of weather warnings for the south west Scotland and North West England. Some rivers are already in spate in these areas and with a warning of up to 250mm, thats nearly TEN INCHES of rain forecast, they felt that action has to be taken to avoid as much damage as possible.

The warnings take affect from 1500 today, but as yet the rain hasn’t started in Glasgow, and niether has the gales which are forecast. The worst of the weather is to be tommorow through to friday with a 60-80% chance of disruption in the affected areas.

If you live in a flood risk zone near rivers or lakes, then its wise to be prepared follow the guidlines which are issused by the local enviroment agencies. Simple steps to take are move valuables upstairs, insurance documents, photos and things which are hard to replace.

Originally posted 2009-11-18 15:10:14.