Over the past 2 weeks my traffic statistics have bottomed out, leaving me with no visitors, and of course no visitors means no money! So this has to be tackled straight away. What caused this? Probably google changing its algorithms meaning sites which aren’t really the best, start to sink to the bottom of the pile. Recently I will admit, I haven’t spent much time on my sites, If any at all! As a result, my sites have kind of “stagnated” and started a rapid decent down the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). Since its google that delivers most of the Search Engine traffic, its best to concentrate on that.

So the things I need to do are

  • Update the sites more regularly, especially this one!
  • Find new topics to write about, winter weather doesn’t attract much attention at this point in the year.
  • Update the forum sites to the latest release of the forum software, making the look and feel more “now”
  • For my Ebay sites, I’ll need to further develop my theme. This worked in the past, but there are still parts that I could tweak along the lines of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation.)

So here we go, major efforts and big changes are on their way with what will hopefully be fruitfull returns!

Originally posted 2010-03-21 17:56:57.