Its probably of of the most overlooked parts when designing a favicon, its not part of the webpage itself, but if you look at the address bar, your see a wee square that looks like , that is the favicon for this site. I tend to think sites with favicons do better because they appear to be more thought through and complete. Thats why today i’m adding Favicons to a few of my sites, also going to be keeping a track of the bounce rate.Its going to be interesting to see if the bounce rate is at all affected by having such a small addition to the design.

In addition to appearing next to the URL in the adress bar, if you bookmark a site which has a favicon, then the favicon appears next to the site in your bookmark list (not sure if this happens in every browser)

Heres the list of Favicons I am trying out (will be updated when i make them)

Originally posted 2009-04-19 14:35:54.