Well the west has blown westwards clearing the ash away across the Atlantic meaning that the airspace over Ireland and the UK could fully open again. This could keep happening for aslong as that volcano errupts, which could be months or even years!
There is still talk of the siesmic activity in the region which suggests that large volumes of magma are forcing their way up from deep underground. The Icelandic people are pretty wary of the volcano “Katla” because its a proper volcano! Its big, and its covered in a lot of snow and ice (which makes the erruptions much more violent when the large volumes of water collide with the magma).

Today in the UK is polling day, and the UK could really do with a proper turnout of voters! So dont forget to head to your polling station and vote for the political party you think will serve the country the best for the next 5 years

Originally posted 2010-05-06 10:39:51.