That moment when you check your adsense earnings and infolinks earnings is pretty sweet when you see that the rewards of your own work are starting to pay off, quite literally! Having only used infolinks for a matter of days I can’t give a full picture of what the future holds for it, but the start is looking good, even if it’s going to drop off a bit, as they usual do when things like “smart pricing” kicks in, it will still be good. Infolinks along side adsense looks like a winner for this site at least. Every site is different and you really have to find out what works!

I only started looking into infolinks after stumbling upon it in John Chow’s blog. He is one of my idols along side Tyler Cruz, who together were my inspiration to delve into the world of online marketing.

Originally posted 2012-02-15 16:38:58.