Over the past couple of days I have been busy upgrading the swimchat forum to the latest version of SMF 2.0 RC1 This is a huge update and step forward from what was already probably the best free forum software available on the net.

For those of you that don’t know SwimChat.co.uk is one of my first sites that I put together. There have been a few members that signed up and posted a few times, this happened when the main uk swimming forum closed for a period (oh how I wish it never came back! haha). So with a new style, and new backend to the forum, i’m looking to intice these members back, and get many many more to make it a hugely busy forum. I do have a couple of plans up my sleeve which if successful should see a steady membership and acitivity level on the site. Forums are probably the hardest thing to start up, I mean, whos going to sign up to an empty forum!?

I do like a challenge, however, and between this blog, my bwav gaming team and the swimming forum i’m hoping to learn and build on what I know and make a success story out of them.

Originally posted 2009-04-28 14:35:59.