For a while now I have wanted to get a fully waterproof, submersible case for my phone. This is so that when I’m out and about swimming in the great outdoors, I can track my progress via GPS  with a sports app called Endomondo. One of the differences about training outdoors is, you have no idea just the exact distance or speed you are going whereas when you are swimming in the pool, you generally have a clock or a timing clock on the wall, and the pool is a set length, ie 20m, 25m (Short Course) or 50m (Olympic Size or Long Course). When you know distances and time you can work out what speed you are swimming. The distance, speed, time formula is:

distance speed time formulaWhere:

  • d = distance (m)
  • v = speed (m/s)
  • t = time (seconds)

Thanks enough geek chat for just now,but basically, having this information allows you to chart your progress to see if you are getting faster & going further.

Aquapac Small Whanganui and the Orange reflective armband

Aquapac Small Whanganui and the Orange reflective armband

Auqapac do Waterproof cases for phones, tablets and DSLRs. So just have a browse, and you’ll be sure to find a case or a bag suitable for whatever item you need waterproofed.

The Waterproof case for my HTC Sensation XE, that’s the one with beats audio, pretty nifty, is the Aquapac small Whanganui  case bought in conjunction with an an Aquapac armband so that I can swim without having to hold onto it. However for the first couple of times I’ll test it using my old Blackberry Curve 8900! The only snag with that is although the Aquapac case allows the use of touchscreen above the water, the trackball on the blackberry wont, but the camera/video features are all accessed via buttons on that so that should be ok!

Initial thoughts on the submerisble case is that its a proper product, the plastic feels very good quality and the instructions on the pack are very clear. Not to mention when you buy via the manufacturer’s website you know you are getting the latest version and it only took 2 days to arrive, over a weekend, and they even threw in an Aquapac carabiner for good measure too.

The case can also be used in the pool to check underwater stroke and tumble turn techniques. Its one thing being told what you need to adjust but without seeing what your body is actually doing its quite hard. Always ask the Lifeguard if its ok to use camera in the pool, many places will just throw you out straight away! Obviously if its busy I wouldn’t even bother asking but if you think you can get a clear shot with only yourself in the video, there’s no harm in asking.

The other case I got was the HTC Sensation / Sensation XE Meteor Slip Pouch. I opted for this instead of the silicon phone case because it covers just about the whole phone and has a nice soft surface for the screen to avoid in- pocket scratches. Looks smart, feels smart, just what every web entrepreneur should feel like! Hot smile

HTC Sensation / Sensation XE Meteor Slip Pouch

HTC Sensation / Sensation XE Meteor Slip Pouch

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