I have a new plan, I had ran out of ideas and inspiration to make websites from scratch so I started look around for sites which sell established websites. My thinking is… If i can buy a couple of websites which make around £50 a month, which not a lot in the web developer world but its a start for me!

First port of call was Flippa.com, I think its part of, or used to be part of sitepoint.com, a very well regarded site in the web industry covering every single topic you could possibly need! Plenty of tutorials, and forums where you do actually get expert responses.

Back to buying websites….. Its something I’ve never attempted before because I was quite skeptical, whats to stop the person selling the site, from selling other copies? This would render your entire website useless if google was to slap you down for duplicate content, a major SEO drain. Sites like Flippa have lots of feedback, and generally the people selling sites have a good history which means you can trust them. At the moment I havent found anything in my price range worth buying, but as soon as I do, it’ll be posted here. I prefer sites which make money via Google Adsense and EPN, and also Amazon if needed.

I’d really love to have say 5 or 6 sites by the end of the year which each earn around £50 per month. thats like £1.67 per site per day, which depending on the niche could vary between 5 to 20 clicks. Again theres no garuantees with Adsense how much money each click will make. Having this number of sites bringing in the target abouts would be about £250-300 a month… NICE! And then what would come next? Well invest some of the profit in to buying bigger webites, in a variety of niches. This avoids putting all my eggs into one basket. Thats the plan. Lets get it going!

Originally posted 2011-05-07 21:57:57.