As was forecast, the snow came and fell in plentiful amounts in Norrland last night, check out the news article.

For those that arent too good with their Swedish I will attempt to translate it, with a little help!

Now Winter is Here.

Several decimetres of snow fell in large areas of Norrland.

A girl in Marlå woke upwith what she thought was an earthquake, but it was snow falling of the roof and it was alot of it making a loud sound. When she looked out the window she was shocked. Alot of snow had fallen during the night.

She had expected snow herself. But not so soon, and not so much!

I nearly had a heartattack when I wakened. I was completely convinced it was an Earthquake. But it had snowed so much so that it made a terrible rumble when it fell from the roof.

Overalls on and head out

The rest of the family think that it is awful and nothing special.

Of course the kids becomes very happy. It was bare and quick coffee in the morning and with our overalls on it was off out and flop, she said.

Son Colin, 3 years old, had fun. The way to the nursery became a long snowfest. There hasnt been time to plough so there is 20cm of snow everywehre, said Nina Olofsdotter.

Good Timing

The Family changed tyres on Sunday. It was unbelievablely good timing. But they never knew, said Nina Olofsdotter.

The Snowy weather is said to continue. Just now Lies an orderly snow weather formation over Västerbotten and the whole of  Norrbotten. We have had to put out warnings during the morning to people in the area that they must be careful. Snow Weather arrives and contiues during the whole day and will move itself  slowly northwards said Linnea Rehn, meteoroligist with SMHI.

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