This morning was the first time we had ever seen a Red Squirrel at the bird nuts, which have been in the same place for years! There are a lot of the red squirrels in the trees nearby but they never venture this close to the front door. I’m wondering if the high winds earlier this week has blown some of their food away from the trees forcing them to look further afield?

On the Isle of Arran there is only one type of Squirrel, and that is the Red Squirrel. Because we are separated from the mainland Grey Squirrels are not an issue because they cant swim here. In the rest of the UK Red Squirrel numbers are dwindling because the more aggresive north american grey squirrels carry a disease which doesnt affect them, but is deadly to red squirrels.

I think I will start documenting all the animals and birds that come to our yard, might be quite surprising seeing the results!

Originally posted 2011-05-28 11:46:33.