This mat came with my Razer mouse, its large, hard wearing and has two sides. One side is speed, and the other is for control, the surface on the control side is slightly rougher. Also came with a gel wrist rest, some people may find it comfortable, but i feel it gets in the way a bit.

exactmat control

I use the speed side for gaming, in particular for Counter Strike. If I am designing things on a program like Photoshop or similar packages where the requirement of speed is replaced by the need for accuracy then i just flip the map over and instantly have more precise, smaller mouse responses.

exactmat speed

After years of use, this metal mat with hardwearing coated surface is still as good as new, on each side it has 4 rubber feet which keep the mouse mat planted firmly on your desk in the middle of an intense game of CS!

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Originally posted 2008-01-22 21:31:42.