Yesterday was my second open water swim of 2011. I swam in the sea of the west coast of Scotland with a sea temperature of around 7 or 8 Celcius. Seeing as its been a couple of months since I have been regularly in the sea, I don’t want to stay in too long too avoid my body temperature dropping.

When I was in a swim last week, my first swim of the year, some tourists came and asked if I could go back in the water so that they could take photos! Which I did of course haha.

When I swim at this time of the year, I always…

  • Have someone watching from the shore
  • Wear two swim caps (retain heat and kep cold water out my ears)
  • Swim Head up, avoids getting brain freeze!
  • Don’t venture out my depth
  • After swim I always have warm clothes and a dry towel at the ready
  • oh and a nice big creamy hot chocolate!

This a clip of me bobbing about yesterday, was in for about 10 minutes in total, and afterwards, I felt great! Open Water Swimming is addictive!

Originally posted 2011-02-20 12:37:58.