In October I was approached to give a wee presentation of my night sky photos. I had never done anything like it before so I thought why not, after all it’s a great experience for me, and something to tick off my “to do” list.

I needed to talk for 45 mins…eeek! I had actually never spoken for so long before. I approached the day by categorising my photos. So on the day we went over the Moon, Meteor Showers, Milky Way, Aurora Borealis, Satellites & International Space Station, and some camera tricks such as Startrails which can be achieved through long exposures.

In preparation for the day I also got 40 prints of my photos, I’m now ready to sell them! I’m still planning on having a section on this site where you can buy a digital copy of the photo that way you can print it whatever way you like, or just keep it digital., but you wont be able to re-sell it, or sell any variation of my work. after all…it is my work!

Anyway… the presentation went quite well, I managed to talk for a full hour on all my photos and a bit about the background behind them, everyone seemed very interested and the only criticism was that some of the hard of hearing couldn’t understand what i said all the time, but they still loved the photos. Overall, despite being nervous, i enjoyed it and think I performed well, and won’t hesitate to speak in a public setting if asked to do it again.

Originally posted 2013-01-16 00:22:22.