Every once in a while need need a big of inspiration to kick start them off in the right direction. My inspirations come from three bloggers:

John Chow always surprises me, every month he creates an income report, and just check out his December one. A grand Total of $25,040.36 for one site, in one month, thats around $300,000 per annum! Or for us in the UK £150,000! not too shabby eh? My target is less than half of his projected income for 2008!

Tyler Cruz makes most of his money from forums sites, mainly focused around Poker or Movies, but he does has a varied selection of sites under his belt.

ProBlogger has many helpful posts such as this one and others like, Three simple actions that doubled my website traffic in 30 days

So hopefully this year, I will make a success of my blog and my others site to help me on my way to flying school!

What inspires you to reach your goals?

Originally posted 2008-01-08 19:52:21.