Recently my inbox has been filling up with these emails from people who have me on their msn live messenger lists. The email says it can find out who has deleted or blocked you. The catch is…when you go to the site, it asks for your email adress and your password…its a simple as that, as soon as you’ve hit submit or whatever the button is, they have successfully “phished” your email and password and can happily browse your emails scouring for logins to various sites, shops? paypal? anything where they might be able to find enough info to do you out of some money. The people that come up with these things make me mad, since its only the innocent people that get hurt.

The email looks something like this…

Subject: hi o_O?
From: ***** ****** (*******@hotmail.***)
Sent:01 October 2009 13:31:29

*****@hotmail.***invited you to check who has deleted or blocked you from their contact list on MSN Messenger.

It’s Easy, Secure and Free!

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Status Obervation Team.

This mail is sent by *********using MSN status finder Application.
This email cannot be considered as SPAM as this is an invitation to you by the sender.

The only thing you can do if you have submitted your details to one of the msn phising sites is to change your password/passwords for all your sites for which you have login details in your inbox.

Take Care,


Originally posted 2009-10-01 19:33:06.