This credit crunch is biting everyone hard, fuel prices have come down somewhat, but people are still feeling hte effects of the higher prices recently. Food has also gone way up in price. Since I use public transport as a way of saving money, I’m going to give you a few pointers of other area where everyone can save money in the lead up to christmas, when everyone would love to have some more cash available to spend on the friends and family.

I am a swimmer, and because of that I eat a lot of food! next to rent, that is my biggest outgoing. Over the past two months I have been able to reduce outgoings related to buying food. So here is a few ideas to save money to help you get your groceries on a budget.

  1. First of all, be choosey where you shop for your food. If you want to buy cheap food, then your better off going to a large supermarket chain, this doesnt include their mini-supermarkets you get in town, the prices in those shops are always higher. Also you dont have to buy all your food in one place! Shop around, for example potatoes might be cheaper in one shop than another, so plan when  and where you going to shop to make the most of cheaper items available in certain shops.
  2. Do not buy ready meals! Unless they are in the reduced section, its always worth having a look at the food which is going out of date that day you can pick up some really good bargains and depending on what it is, you might be able to freeze it and keep it for another time if you already have your meal organised for that night.
  3. Buy Value food instead of big name brands. Why buy a loaf of bread at £1.60, when you can get an equallygood loaf of bread for £0.85? Tin of beans…15p instead of 50p. The list goes on. If you get a big bag of rice and pasta, theres a lot of calories in there and should keep you going for a long time.
  4. Don’t buy chicken breasts. Buy a whole chicken instead, itsactually usually cheaper to buy a whole chicken of equivalent weight than it is to buy chicken breasts, and the whole chicken is not going to have been pumped full of “gloop” in the factory. A whole chicken does me 3 or 4 nights worth and costs between £3 or £4. buy  some nice cheap supermarket branded sauce and you could have two meals for about £1.20 a night, thats not bad eh?
  5. Learn to cook. Avoid the lazy cooking options and dig out your mums or your grannies recipe book and start cooking and baking. Flour, eggs, and other ingedients can be bought cheaply, and you could make yourself a lot of cakes or scones! I shall be including  a couple of recipies on this site for people to use and hopefully enjoy.
  6. Don’t buy desinger gear. You can get great bargains from shops like Primark, Matalan, and even Asda and Tesco have super clothing ranges. Alternativley, if you must buy desinger clothes, try and get them from an auction site might be able toget jeans for 99p if your really lucky!
  7. Almost forgot the most important meal of the day, what cereal to you have for breakfast? If you have a box of cornflakes it can cost over £1 and depending how big a portion you have each morning might not even last you a week! The healthiest option you can have is good old porridge! Since living on my own, I have had porridge every single morning without fail. a 1kg bag will do me around a week and costs just 59p! Yes it may take a few extra minutes in the morning to make, but I tell you one thing, you will not feel hungry until its lunch time! Just a side note for those of you obsessed with dieting, if you have breakfast each morning your ar more likely to lost weight since it helps to kick start your metabolism each day.

Cheap breadI hope I have managed to give you some ideas for saving money. Feel free to add any comments below, and hopefully we can help others to save some money.

Originally posted 2008-11-04 16:15:59.