Today I have created even more! Overtime i hope to develop these mini-sites into actual sites for each product, but at this stage I am just testing to see which ones to concentrate on.

Seeing as its Burns season  here inScotland, I thoguht I’d make a wee traditional Scottish kilts site. If your heading to a wedding or even just a football game, a kilt is a sure fire way to get the attention of the ladies. While your eating your haggis neeps and tatties, you might want to think about getting somenew dinnerware and perhaps some shiney new cutlery to go with it?

Another totally random one now. Dog Beds. Where does your dog sleep? Perhaps its chewed up its old one or made a mess of it and you need to replace it with a new dog bed?

Originally posted 2009-01-22 17:09:52.