Well for the past 18 months, I have been full on looking for a new job, particularly full-time work. At the start I was just looking in the UK but after hundreds of applications, and very little response, apart from the one day when I got 7 rejection letters in my letter box. That just took the biscuit! At the start it was getting me down, I was applying for jobs that my experience and education meant I was very suitable for, but I wasn’t even getting an interview! After a while though, I gave up caring if I was getting rejected, after all it was in the middle of the worst recession in decades and I do currently have a part time job so I should count my self lucky for that. There are a lot of people who have been made redundant and can’t get jobs to help support their families, that must be the toughest thing on anyone.

I keep trying to this day for a new job. I have lowered my expectations and also broadened my search to other countries. I have been looking in UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Dubai and Australia. Obviously its harder to get jobs in Dubai and Australia due to the requirement for work visa’s, but in my searches I did get an interview! It was for Emirates Cabin Crew, after going through 2 days of selection and a final interview, 5 weeks later I got rejected, I never passed the interview. I have gone over and over what could have went wrong, but couldn’t think of anything. Out of about 16 people that made it to the interviews only 4 or 5 didn’t get the job.

I now have a vast array of CV’s, in different languages and aimed at different job types, so surely soon, I will be hearing more positive things from my job hunting efforts. It will pay off eventually, if your struggling to find work, just keep a positive attitude, things will come good in the end!

Originally posted 2010-11-02 13:36:04.