What an eventful morning! Much of England has ground to halt in some of the heaviest snowfalls for up to 15 years! Heathrow is shut, a plane slid of a taxi way due to the ice and snow. No public buses are running in London, and even the underground system is affected. Glasgow had a fairly light dusting of snow this morning, but at around 11.30am the heavens opened and it was blizzard like conditions big fluffy flakes took a matter of seconds to build up to about half an inch on the roads and what is probably now just over and inch on the grass and cars. Thats enough chat, onto the photos! (and a couple wee clips)

Update: After numerous heavy snowfalls, some of which cane be described as blizzards there is up to 3 inches of snow lying in some places!

Originally posted 2009-02-02 12:04:08.