On the 2nd of July I took part in the British Gas Great London Swim. Part of the series of 1 mile open water swims around the UK. This was my second time doing this event and the main aim was to be fast than last year. So what was the end result?

I was faster by 1 minute and 16 seconds over the mile long course, cant ask for much more, but I reckon I can still go faster. The fastest part of my race is always the end but there was that many people floating and getting tired that meant there was a lot of swimming side to side to get past people, all of which eats up time! Overall I was well chuffed with my time, and the whole day was fantastic, they know how to organise an event, that’s for sure.

Great London Swim Venue

Great London Swim Venue

Open water swimming hugely different from 1 in a lane pool swimming. This year I got hit on the head twice. Someone grabbed my aankle to help them turn round the first buoy, scratching my ankle in the process! And the last thing that happened was my own fault. I tried to squeeze between a breast stroker and the final marker buoy which had a kind of rope net around it and I put my arm right through the net ! haha. silly me!

Overall I was 146th, again another improvement on last years placing, not too bad out of the thousands of swimmers!

more photos to follow 🙂

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