Ebay’s new Gold and Silver bullion homepage

Trading in Bullion has been done for years, but now eBay have made it easier for the rest of us to join in, there is money to be made, otherwise why would ebay spend time and effort into setting up a dedicated section just for Gold and Silver Bullion (only in the US at the moment). Of course, as with any kind of trading if you want to make money, you really have to know what your doing and do your research before buying anything.

Gold Bars are probably the most famously traded commodity over the centuries, countries have stockpiles of it in reserves under lock and key. People who knew what was coming, or were just very very lucky, are now sitting pretty thanks to the huge increases in the cost of gold over just the last few decades. A figure that is in roughly the 1000% mark! Thats and impressive return for any kind of precious metal investment! So get researching now that you can familiarise yourself with whats on offer in the gold and silver bullion section.

On June 6, 2011, gold reached a new record high of $1549.00 at the London Gold Fixing

Quoted from Wikipedia, “Gold as an Investment” page.

ps. Just been reading some comments from investment videos, and someone has said he is buying silver just now because he cant afford gold, but its better than having his money in a bank earning pretty much nil interest. very interesting indeed!

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