Well guess what was on the news? Now they are saying the Temperature will actually drop this year! This is due to a a cooling effect in the Pacific ocean called “La Niña” which occurs every fews years in a fairly regualr cycle. In fact, the more famous “El Niño?” and the “La Niño” have occured the same number of times during the last century. This just proves that temperature are always on an ever changing cycle of warming and cooling.

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BBC’s article – Global temperatures ‘to decrease’

This year, even in the West coast of Scotland, where snow usually only lasts a few days ontop of the 850m peak, the snow is still there! There has been snow on top of these hills for months now, and they are prediciting the Scottish skiing season to run right into May!
[nms:weather station,4,1]

Originally posted 2008-04-20 18:43:29.