After the suns double coronal mass ejection (CME) the other day the geomagnetic activity has rocketed. Currently its Kp Level is at 7.67 which is classed as “Storm Level”. This should be greating huge Aurora over the USA and Canada at this very moment. Sadly, Europe is facing the sun, so we can’t actually see any of this acitivity. Best time to view it is a night of course, and when there is no clouds.

Current Kp: Under the right conditions – the aurora should be visible in the Scottish Borders, and as far south as London!

Solar Flares 2012 video:

Here’s what the Aurora looks like when these geomagnetic storms occur. breathtaking!

UPDATE: At the time of writing this there has been another mass ejection from the surface of the sun, this one pointed right at earth!
“In the meantime, a new event is grabbing our attention. When Region 1429 was pointed directly at Earth, it unleashed an R2 (Moderate) solar flare at 0353 UTC March 9 (10:53 p.m. EST March 8) and an associated coronal mass ejection now beginning its journey towards Earth. Analysis is pending to determine the expected arrival time and resulting geomagnetic storm intensity.”

Originally posted 2012-03-09 11:07:50.