The Copenhagen Climate Change meetings are well under way, riots and everything. There has been a lot of talk, mainly about how much money should be spent fixing the situation, but what’s there to fix? The climate has been warming since the end of the last ice age, if it hadn’t got warmer then we’d still be under half a mile of ice. The only constant about the climate is that it’s always changing, some decades will be warmer than others, some centuries maybe be cooler than others, it all depends on what time spans you pick to compare to.

The Danish Police have been accused of being heavy handed after the arrested over 950 people who were protesting in Copenhagen against climate change. When you see the videos of the protesters smashing windows and pushing police of course they are going to get arrested. Here in the UK I doubt the forces would have been allowed to do anything like that, probably because it would be against someone’s human rights. Common Sense is a great thing which seems to lack in today’s society instead there seems to be extremes. People are overly concerned with being politically correct, stopping global warming, or animal rights, releasing tame lab animals into the wild, where they would die a slow death through starvation instead of being looked after in the lab. Taken in moderation these are all things which help towards a better, more healthy society. However, when people take things to extreme then that’s when trouble happens.

The EU is pledging Billions of pounds towards fighting climate change in the coming decades, in my opinion, nothing mankind can do can stop climate change, whether its to prevent global cooling or warming, it WILL happen. What people should be concerned about is making sure there are enough resources for the future. This is where Peak Oil comes into play. So many of the developed economies rely heavily on the production and consumption of Oil and its associated products. Peak Oil is the theory relating to predicting when the maximum production of oil will occur, and I can tell you its not far off, as in it will happen in the next few decades. So instead of spending vast amounts of money on something which happens as a part of nature’s cycle, money and effort should be put into finding new supplies of oil, and developing new technologies which reduce societies dependence on oil. Theories predict that after the peak of oil production is reached, prices will begin to soar, and economies which rely on the consumption of oil will fail. This will affect everyone, since just about everything in what we consider normal day to day life relies on oil. Some Theories also predict that in just a few decades, with collapsing economies the earth’s population will dwindle since there won’t be enough resources to farm the land in the same way that we have become accustomed to. Once economies fail, people suffer. With the worlds population expected to pass through the 10 billion mark by 2050, there will be widespread suffering and many people will simply starve, or perhaps won’t make it through cold winters or hot summer’s since power will not be as widely available, people might just not be able to afford to pay for heating, for fridges to store food. Put simply, the Earth can’t sustain such a huge population properly, so unless mankind finds a way to limit the population increases, Mother Nature will do it for us, and I’m sure it won’t be pleasant, not for anyone.

I’m not the only person in the world that thinks climate change has very little or nothing to do with mankind, but I do believe, however, that we need to look after our resources and spend money, not on climate change, but on developing new technology to harvest oil from the hardest to reach places and develop new technology to reduce dependence on oil. Also perhaps coming up with a way to slow down the population increase, or limit consumption to avoid effectively “overgrazing” the World. By doing this, it will stand mankind as a whole in a far better position to face the future

Originally posted 2009-12-13 18:47:49.