After being unsuccessful with my latest airline sponsorship selection test (only 9 out of 600 got a “maybe”!) I sat down and looked at my facts and figures for the past 4 months and tried to work out exaclty how much it would take for me to possible raise the money to pay my own way through flying school. This has always been my target, but web developement has been something I have taught myself, and its taken a while to get to grips with the finer points on monetising and getting traffic.

A  quicklook at the stats:

20,000 impressions made me about £300. My target to pay for flying school is £60,000! So staying at the same kind of conversion rate as I’ve been experiencing over the past few months, it would take in the region of 4,000,000 impressions to generate the kind of income required! Obviously 6000 impressions a month isnt going to cut it, since it would take about 600 months at this rate to get my target!

Due to this I decided to set a time scale of a year, so 4,000,000/12 =333,333 impressions/month.  This is an increase of about 40 times the current traffic levels. Competition for spots at teh top of google is way to fierce for me, so I plan to achieve this increase in traffic, simply by making 40 websites!

So there it is, my plan for the next year to raise £60,000 for flying school, is to make 40 websites, creating traffic + conversion levels similar to my current projects, et voilá!

Wish me luck, and watch this space for updates on how i’m getting on!

Originally posted 2009-02-28 20:06:55.