Well, this is news to me, but apparently since late on in February Google have been rolling out their latest update which is code named “Panda” by some, and others have called it the “Farmer” update. Basically Google alters its algorithms every so often to weed out the cheap-n-nasty spam sites. Google does get it wrong though and there is talk of some sites with millions of monthly user’s dropping by 40% overnight, when your talking millions, that’s a huge drop when you consider the outlay that the people who run the site must have in order to keep it going, and profitable.

I too have been slapped by Google in the past, on this very site! Never found out exactly why but I submitted a re-inclusion request shortly after I found out and within 24hrs the site was re-indexed and back to just about normal. My site is fairly seasonal, with winter being my busiest months so I probably won’t notice much of a difference until about September or October time when places in the northern hemisphere start to see the frost sparkle in the early mornings.


Google loves unique content, anything that’s been copied and pasted pretty much has 0 chance unless your lucky or a SEO genius! But I can assure you it will only be short lived, since Google is always evolving, as it has to!


This latest google update hasn’t been fully rolled out yet so it’s still early days for most people to see what affect it has had. But My top tips are, try and write about something unique…not something that theres a million different varieties of, and keep advertising to a minimum. So that’s it for now, as ever Google is one step ahead and everyone is trying to catch up to make the most of it, and I am still chasing the dream to make a decent online income!

Originally posted 2011-05-19 19:06:47.