Today (15th Sep 08) sees the official Launch of “Fajja’s Flying Fund“. It may seem cliche, but for as long as I can remember I have wanted to become an airline pilot. I have worked hard at school and put myself through Univeristy studying Aeronautical Engineering, and now I find myself so close to reaching my goal!
There is however, one major stumbling block…the money! I have passed the CAA Class 1 medicals, I have passed the Aptitude tests, now the final step is raising enough money to enable me to pay for the course. The course with CTC flying school costs in excess of £60,000. At the moment I am nearly 8% of the way there, which is a great start, but I need something extra to build up my capital in addition to my day job. Which is why I decided to try this.

Basically when you buy a square of 100 pixels, you are buying a spot which you can upload your own picture (nothing naughty mind!) and have it link directly to your own website. Thus you are buying a square of advertising for a minimum of 5 years.

Anyone who buys an advertising square will in effect be buying a link to their site which will remain active for a minimum of five years. You can choose to upload your own image to the squares during the purchase process (nothing naughty mind!). Each square is made up from 100 pixels. You can choose to purchase 1 or more whole squares, remember the bigger your picture, the more noticeable it will be! The pricing of the page works out to just under what the total training fees will be. There are 10,000 squares, which will be sold at $12 each equating to a total of$120,000 once all the blocks are sold. This works out at roughly £61,000 which is what my prefered course with CTC costs.

The fee for each pixel is $0.12 which means that a single square containging 100 pixels can be purchased for $12. Factoring in that the site will be active for a MINIMUM of 5 years, that means you are paying $2.40 per annum for a link to your site. Thats pretty good since some sites, not even big sites, can charge around $40 per month!

Fingers Crossed, and thank you in advance for your support.
Glen aka “Fajja”

Originally posted 2008-09-14 16:08:47.