Hello, been a while since I’ve actually added a post becasue I’ve been a busy boy. In my spare time I’ve been searching for a decent theme for wordpress to bring the site into 2011 with a bit of style! So far i’ve loving this theme, its so flexible and with handy additions in the admin panel make running the site so much easier.

For example in the admin option for the theme there are boxes for google analytics, webmasters tools, header image and boxes to control all the adverts, so no more hunting around the source code to update the advertisments or google javascripts. bliss! which means it’s easier to run from any computer with out having to dabble with ftp to the site to change source code. (I don’t like using the browser source editor, if I make a mistake is not as easy to recover! )

Hopefully this new look to the site will ‘engage’ the visitors more. I have always had a pretty bad bounce rate, but there are a few key articles which really grasp the reader’s attention. I have made a few customisations, orginially the featured video was the same on every page of the site, but I have adjusted it so there is the default one, and if I want a different one so that it relates to the topic on the post I can just set this using the wordpress custom fields.

Since this is officially business, I’m here to make money, so another customisation I added in was the integration of ebay partner network (EPN) rss feeds. I have successfully migrated to the new EPN RSS feeds, so shouldnt have any problems when the old style links stop working. These work in the same way as the featured video, I turn them on and off via wordpress’s custom field, so unless I choose to show anything, you won’t see anything. The hardest part for me has always been making things look good, so there may be a few more tweaks to these EPN ads to try get them looking just perfect! Which is hard since ebay doesn’t have standard sizes for its thumbnails! Thats enough typing for now, I think I deserve a coffee and a kitkat or three!

Originally posted 2011-05-18 15:45:32.