Its only 15 minutes until the final race of the F1 season 2008 gets underway.  My team is Mclaren. I have supported them for years, and today could see a Mclaren driver crowned the youngest F1 champion ever. Lewis Hamilton’s career has been  an amazing one indeed. Mclaren have been coaching him since he was a youngster and now he finds himself a top 5 finish away from becoming the F1 Champion of 2008.


So good luck Lewis!

Also, its the end of an era, this is David Coulthard final race of his F1 career. His past couple of seasons have been full of bad luck, so I hope this one is a great one for him!

My predictions for F1 Brazil 2008 :

  1. Massa
  2. Hamilton
  3. Alonso
  4. Vettel
  5. Kubica
  6. Heidfeld
  7. Coulthard
  8. Kovalainen

Originally posted 2008-11-02 16:45:26.