In September Etihad started accepting applications for the Etihad Cadet Pilot Program 2010. I don’t think the application page was up for very long, maybe only nine or ten days, but it was enough for me to get my cadet pilot application in. This will be my last shot at the Etihad program since they only recruit cadets younger than 26, which is what I am now!

A couple of years ago, I was invited to attend the first stage of the selection tests, which in the UK were held in a very fancy hotel in Windsor, along with about another 600 people that week. Competition for these places are incredibly fierce, I’m sure Etihad must have had tens of thousands of applicants the first time round. They then held similar testing weeks in various cities across the World, all this for what turned out to be 12 places in the end. So based on a rough guess-timate of about 20,000 initial applicants, and the 12 successful cadets, that’s a percentage of 0.0006%. not very good odds! But, the only thing you can do is try. I take each test, each interview and application as a learning curve and chalk it up to experience. Which will put me in good standing for future applications, should this one not be successful.

As you can see from my “flying fund” progress bar over there -> I don’t have enough money to pay my own way (about £70,000) so these cadet pilot programs which are very very scarce these days may be the only way I can reach my dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot.

People always ask what kind of things you do in these testing days. Well Etihad’s psychometric tests consisted of:

  • General Knowledge
  • English Test
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Diagrammatic Reasoning
  • Spatial Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning

Physcomotor testing and medicals were only given to candidates who got through to stage 2 and beyond, hopefully that will be me this time!

Please don’t ask what the questions are! There’s no point, as I can assure you they will be different this time round, they might even change the cadet pilot test format, and I want to keep every advantage I may have over fellow applicants. Well it is a dog eat dog world?!

Good Luck!

Originally posted 2010-11-19 11:38:29.