Continuing on, in alphabetical afshion as you may have noticed 😉

update: I fixed a bug where the sites weren’t displaying properly, and now work at 100%

  1. Swimwear from Diana. My Diana swim shorts have to be the best I have ever bought. I have worn them for 100s of hours training in the pool, and they aren’t see through and havent lost their shape one bit.
  2. After a hard training sessions, theres nothing like sitting infront of the TV with a great DVD and lots of food to munch on while watching.
  3. Recent DVD players have shrunk dramatically in cost and more noticably in size, which is great if you have a limited amount of room surrounding your TV.
  4. I know how much it costs to train for any kind of pilots licence. that’s why I’m including flight training manuals from auction sites to try and save someone a few pennies.
  5. All work and no play… What better way to relax and unwind that by playing games? nowadays there are a few games consoles to choose from, and its up to personal preference which one you’d prefer. My favourite has to be the wii though, who ever thought up the controls should be knighted!

This brings my Ebay Partner Network Mini-Site total to 20 so far

Originally posted 2008-10-28 05:40:37.