By now your probably wondering when is this going to end? well not for a while yet! I have a theory. If I can make 100 sites, make 50p a day each…thats £50 a day…£350 a week…£1400 a month… Which would roughly equate to £72,000. Guess how much my flying school course costs? Yup, you guessed it about £70,000. But not to forget that Mr Taxman will take his fare share of that, but still, its a target I’d love to accomplish.

  1. So now you have those binoculars I talked about earlier, your spotting some great stuff, and seeing some uttery amazing scenery. If you want to capture those moments to have and to share, then you might want to consider a long range lens to boost the zoom performance of your camera without losing any of the quality.
  2. Aside from Diana, the only other make of swimwear I’d purchase is Maru. Again their stuff is chlorine resistant and lasts a very long time. Good recomendation for people who spend hundres of hours training in a pool.
  3. This is the mens equivalent of the ladies handbag, the wallet. an essential bit of kit for any man, its amazign what you can squeeze into them, so its not surprising you need to treat yourself to a new one every so often.
  4. Not really something men spend time pondering about, but if your going on a date, you want to make sure your boxers can hold themselves up and are not full of holes.
  5. If your a gamer, or a graphic desinger then you can understand the difference a good computer mouse makes. I currently use a Razer Diamondback ( the one with the blue light)and its fantastic, and has also lasted a very long time! Feels good to use, not too light, not to heavy, and fits my hand perfectly.

This brings my Ebay Partner Network Mini-Site total to 35 so far

Originally posted 2008-10-28 23:26:09.