Continuing on from yesterdays first batch heres my next five!

  1. Can’t think of a christmas present idea for a bird watcher, or wildlife lover? how about a pair of binoculars to help them seek out that elusive spot.
  2. Its hardly the ideal time of year to launch one, but if you get a boat now, you can have it ready for the summer!
  3. Again, you’d be daft to go boogie boarding when its only 8C outside, but it may be someones ideal christmas present.
  4. With Digital Camera technology moving on so fast, even if you bought your camera last year, it may be out of date!
  5. Its always easy to find something for a golfing fan, from golf bags, trolleys, putters, irons, drivers or even the much needed umbrella!

This brings my Ebay Partner Network Mini-Site total to 10 so far

Originally posted 2008-10-27 15:22:08.