My previous attempt at using mini sites for EPN worked ok, but it could have been a whole load better. Basically I put up lots of sites with no special info on them, it was just ebay results, I did that thinking google would take a good few weeks to even think about indexing the sites, but it only took a few days! Which was way faster than I could write product information! So this time I’m doing it at a much more sedate pace. I have recoded templates too, which refrain from bombarding the viewer straight away with products, which google seems to dislike (thats my guess). Also helps getting a more accurate click through ratio, since its only people that are going to be interested who click through to the next pages.

Heres my first four, (this will be the only ones for now, until I see how they get on)

Originally posted 2009-07-30 19:03:58.