Yesterday was the 1st of November (already!!), and mother nature thought it would remind us who was boss! The rain was torrential with gusty winds making it a not very pleasant day to be out and about. This gave me ample time to look over my portfolio of websites try to figure out why October was my worst month ever! Yes in October I made the grand total of… £2.93. That is not good at all. I started web development to supplement my income from my permanent job with is only on a 20hr contract, and with overtime being so scarce at work, I need to make my websites work for me!

For some reason, on the 1st of October I stopped receiving payment for clicks from EPN, which used to be my biggest source of income. So I need to figure out why the visitors to my other sites just aren’t buying, or bidding all of a sudden. At first I thought it could be a technical issue, but I decided that this wasn’t the issue since my impressions and clicks are still being recorded.

So the plan is to compare my visitor statistics for my best paid month and last month to see if there are major differences in where my visitors are coming from. I have dropped a web domain since then but it had no EPN pages on it at all so that should make no difference.

To do:

  • Check for differences in traffic sources between best and worst month
  • Check for errors in my pages
  • Check for most popular keywords
  • Analyse if the products are relevant to my visitors searches.
  • Start blogging about my search for a new job.

Originally posted 2010-11-02 10:15:40.