On the 7th of March I went along to the Emriates Cabin Crew Open Day, to try and become a member of their highly regarded cabin crew.

The first day consisted of a few presentations given by the two recruiters. These covered the job, explaining exactly what you would be doing, and also some interviews with current crew who give their thoughts about the job. The job is based in dubai, there are already about 11,000 cabin crew living in Dubai and working for the airline so they have a lot of accomodation, which is provided to the cabin crew by Emirates, free of charge.

The other presentations showed you a bit of what life would be like living in Dubai. The pay is pretty good, considering theres no tax or rent to pay from it!  It also depends how many hours your fly each month and the destinations you fly to as to exaclty how much you end up getting paid.

After the presentaions, the 130 or so people that turned up had the opportunity to hand in their CV’s, haev a quick chat with the recruiters and do a reach test. The reach test was to make sure you could touch a mark on the wall, I think it was about 212cm high this is so that you can reach the safety equipment on board any of their aircraft, fail the reach test, thats you out.

They said that they would phone the people in the afternoon that they’d like to atend the next part of the selection process. About 2 hours later after leaving the venue, I got the call inviting me to attend at 9am the next day! YES!

The next day was all about seeing how you interact with people, the first thing they asked us to do was to stand up and say something about ourselfs based on the question they asked, everyone kept it short and sweet, straight to the point. The key to this point I think was being able to talk confidently to everyone in the group which they all sat and listened.

After this first task there were two group activitys, we were split into smaller groups and given a task to do. In these tasks there was no right or wrong answer. It was just to see how you performed as a group player in forming decisions and coming to a conclusion as a group, no voting was allowed. I think as long as you dont disagree with everything and get your points across with out being pushy, whilst not forgetting to listen to others, you should be ok. After the task each person was asked individual questions, I think this was jsut to check that the person followed the discussion and understood the outcome that the group had come to. At the end of these rounds, letters were placed on a table with each persons number. The letters told each person whether they were successful or not at getting throguh to the next part.

After the last task, the initial 130 had been whittled down to a final 19, there were 48 at the start of teh second day. These lucky 19 were through to the final stage, the dreaded Final Interview! But, before that there was a whole load of paper work to do, and a personality test to fill in.

2 days later was my final interview, I went fully prepared with my photos (explained to you at the end of the second day) and all my exam certificates and documents. The recruiters were excellent at their job, they never let a thing away, and you honestly couldn’t tell what they were thinking. At the interview the first thing to be done was paper work, yes more paper work! After everything was filled in and sorted out it was down to the questions, nothing out of the ordinary, just trying to get an idea of what you are like as a person, and how you have performed in your jobs in the past. In total, from start to finish my Final interview with Emirates lasted about 40minutes, which I thought was pretty quick…

Then, 4 weeks later, after my file was sent to dubai for further checks and scruitineering by the Emirates Recruitment team there, I recieved an email informing me of my outcome. I was not successful, it was a hard email to read. As the days went past I began to want this job more and more, and that was that. Try again in one years time! I was however only 1 of 3 guys from the initial 130 applicants to get to the Final Interview, that in itself is an achievement, and they must have seen something they liked to put me through to the final stage. So perhaps it was only my past work experiences which weren’t quite what they were looking for. Perhaps if I was 100% fluent in other languages I would have got on better since one of their selling points is that each crew onboard speaks a vast array of languages. I have time to think on how I can improve myself and perhaps if the emirates recruitment process is still ongoing, I can re-apply, hopefully with a better outcome!

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