A couple of weeks ago I got an email saying that my site failed to meet the webmasters guidlines, so google deindexed fajja.co.uk for at least 30days. Obviously this has been a big blow, since about 90% of my site’s traffic comes from Google’s results.

So what happened? I don’t trade links, and I dont buy links or traffic, this is the usual culprit for getting people deindexed. I also don’t employ “blackhat” (what naughty people use) Search Engine Optimisation techniques (SEO). The only thing that I did was to throw up some minisites to experiment with affiliate marketing. Overtime my plan was to expand each one into full blown sites, full of usefull information on each thing to provide some benefit to the user. However, it took way longer to develop the sites than I had planned, and as such Google banned them for having little or no unique content.

My Solution?

I removed all the “minisites”, and sent my “reinclusion” request to Google. Hopefuly in a few weeks time the ban will be lifted and the Google will start to crawl and index fajja.co.uk again so that people can find some of my popular posts which I have written in the past.

Lesson learned: Theres is no substitute for quality. Having one site full of unique, usefull, interesting content, over time, will be worth more than a hundred sites which offer nothing unique to the the user.

Heres to the 3rd chapter in my web developer career!


Originally posted 2009-03-18 15:54:09.